About Us

We are designed and dedicated to helping you select and develop the right person in the right job for the right reasons. Founded in 1989, and Pittsburgh based, we serve several thousand client companies across the US and Canada.

Our Integrated Approaches to Assessment help you to:

  • Put the right person in the right job
  • Job match talents and attitudes
  • Identify what is different between your top and bottom performers
  • Increase sales results
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Develop your bench strengths
  • Add objectivity to subjective employee decisions
  • Screen out thieves, drug users, and lazy applicants
  • Match career and organizational goals
  • Compare your applicants and employees to industry norms, or, to the “best of the best” in your company

Our Blending of People, Process and Procedures helps you to:

  • Design and deliver an organizational culture where people choose to work
  • Identify and eliminate interpersonal and interdepartmental barriers
  • Link employee satisfaction with customer satisfaction

Our Skill Development Formulas help you to:

  • Increase job confidence, impact and effectiveness
  • Design customized training
  • Combine on-site and on-line training systems
  • Individualized leadership effectiveness based on real life insight and applications
  • Maximize the unique contribution of each employee

Insight delivery systems can be:

  • Onsite
  • Online
  • Ongoing



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