Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Whether scarce resources, unrealistic expectations, or differences in values and interests are causing the problem, the results do nothing but hurt your organization. You know you need to confront the issue, but the idea of getting pulled into a feud between competing employees or blowing the whistle on under performers can be very daunting.


No matter how tempting the thought is, you can’t simply ignore things, hoping the problem will fix itself. Unresolved conflicts can cause decreased productivity, lowered morale, and dysfunctional relationships in the workplace. On top of that, teamwork suffers and organizational goals fail to be met.


If this sounds familiar, relax, you’re not alone. While conflict is a normal part of the workplace, it doesn’t have to tear you apart on the job. That’s why we offer Resolving Conflict Constructively, a workshop designed to give you the skills necessary to handle conflict in the workplace.

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